A vacation to the Grand Cayman Islands is nothing short of amazing, and review after review of this travel destination and its attractions will clue you into that fact. Browse the Stingray City reviews, and you just don’t find any tourists that are disappointed. When so many vacationers are excited to see a place, you know you’ve got a winner. Bring the family along for perhaps the best vacation you’ve ever had by visiting the Grand Cayman Islands.

Stingray City is the top attraction, and it has been mentioned but not really described. You know you are going to see stingrays, but did you know you get to feed them, too? You sure do, and that’s not all. On the beach there is a shallow area where the stingrays congregate. You can swim with them, pet them, take pictures and even visit the coral reef if you like. It is truly one of the best adventures on the Grand Cayman Islands.

Cayman Spirits Company Distillery is another top attraction, and it is located at the end of Bronze Road. This distillery makes a dark rum called Seven Fathoms Rum, and it is a big hit. Reviewers say that the establishment is laid back, so this can be that relaxing run experience on the beach that people often daydream about. One reviewer talks about how you are allowed to make your drinks, too.


There are many things to do in grand cayman, but Cayman Crystal Caves is one of the best, and it is located on Northside Road There is a tour available of course, and you are led along by a tour guide. The pictures of the caves make it look like you would have quite an adventure. What else is there to do when you visit the Grand Cayman Islands?

There are quite a few different beach areas that are special and feature unique attractions. For example, there is Starfish Point, which is located on Water Cay Road. It is actually located by another popular attraction, Rum Point. There a quite a few starfish there, but you aren’t supposed to pick them up according to the reviews. This place makes for a great spot to swim, enjoy the natural beauty, take a picnic, hike, take pictures and more. That is quite a good look at the things to do when you visit the Grand Cayman Islands, enough to get you started for now anyway.

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