Great Deals On A Bioluminescence Tour At Grand Cayman

A vacation to the Cayman Islands must absolutely include Grand Cayman as one of your primary stops. In fact, there are areas off the coast of this island where you can interact with bioluminescent organisms. They are in the water, and when you move around while swimming, you will start to see this glow. It is a natural process, completely safe for human beings, and it will amaze people young and old. Here is how you can get great deals on a bioluminescence tour that is currently being offered at Grand Cayman this year.

What Does A Bioluminescence Tour Consist Of?

When you do a quick search for the different tours that you can go on, usually there are both kayak and electric catamaran tours. This is a bio bay night kayaking trip of a lifetime! Some people prefer getting into our kayak so they can just dive off into the water, something that they may be familiar with wherever they live. Others would prefer a catamaran because they have never been on one before, and it may also allow them to be with more people at one time. It will consist of simply going out to that location at night, diving into the waters, and experiencing the glow of these microorganisms under the clear night sky. The tour takes place in a Bio Bay which is a man-made area of water.

How Do You Find Good Deals On Bioluminescence Tours

You can find excellent deals on these bioluminescence tours when you search online. Many of these will go out to one of the more popular destinations called Rum Point. These typically occur for about two hours, lasting from about 7 PM to 9 PM in most cases. This will give you time to acclimate to the water, and the fading light of the sun, and then experience how it feels to be in waters where you will actually see the glow. The best deals come from companies that are larger, perhaps advertising on the Internet, but they also come when you are booking your flight. It is important to choose a package deal when you are ordering on major websites that offer travel deals, allowing them to then present these special bioluminescent tours at a discount.

There are other activities that you may also want to go on while you are on Grand Cayman, but a bioluminescence tour is going to be the highlight. It is an amazing experience that is hard to understand if you don’t understand the science behind why it is actually happening. However, you won’t be worried about why it occurs. You will simply be enjoying this event under the stars the warm waters off the coast of Grand Cayman.

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